Friday, October 26, 2007

LCHS Class of 01 Revisited

by Ryan Plungas

(This was originally intended to be a simple response to Dan’s column. But I got really into it. And it just developed from there, into this blog post. I’m sorry, I never intended TWO columns on the 2001 LCHS Football Class).

Not bad, Dan. But fairly inaccurate. They say the mind is the greatest editor of all. This is true in this case. Thelma Schoonmaker, eat your heart out.

1) We did not open up the season against Perry. That was the 3rd game of the year. I remember, because I had a deep knee bone bruise (similar to what JAX's MJD is currently going through) and sat out a week of practice leading up to the game, then decided to give it a go for game time. I thought I was heroic, and giving it my all for the team. Ed Caldwell had other ideas. When I told him I was gonna try to play as he was passing out our game jerseys for the week, he said, "I don't think so. No way, you haven't practiced all week!". I reiterated that I could contribute, and he responded by asking if I was really injured (which I was, no joke...I was on crutches the majority of the week for Chrissakes). And then Ed Caldwell did something that most likely soured my LC football career: He threw my #7 jersey in my face, and said get tough and get on the bus. Then I let loose a bit of my infamous attitude I had managed to bundle up so far that year, and gave him some lip back.

I told Coach Soria bout the situation, and he single-handedly saved what little hope I had left in LC football (at the time) by saying "Don't worry about him, that guy can be an idiot sometimes. I only saw the field for one play that game. We lost 24-7.

2) We opened up against St. Ignatius on the road, btw. Lost 21-0. I got kicked out of the game late in the 4th because the ref thought I unleashed the F-bomb. While the coachers berated me on the sidelines, fellow DB Mike Tennyson admitted it was him that said it, and was laughing his ass off. I did not find it all that funny.

3) 2nd game was against Trinity, at home. I remember, this was the game I got the bone bruise.

4) We did have that 3rd down back: Myself. No joke. I don't mean to get egotistical here, but I was a pretty good back coming out of SGS. From day 1, they slotted me at WR, and never gave me the chance to compete at RB. I never figured this out. I could see Scholes, because he was a flat-out beast. But Sereleje? Come on! I was faster than Dave, quicker then him, tougher than him (Remember, he would come back to the huddle out of breathe complaining about a knee or an ankle after EVERY run, and I would look at McPat & Brunner and just roll my eyes), and the more elusive runner. PLUS, he would always run straight-up...a cardinal sin for a RB. It wasn't until Sereleje missed that Elyria Catholic game later in the season due to injury, that I got my opportunity to start at HB (they moved Scholes to FB). I responded with a virtuoso performance. 100+ yds running, with a 60+ yard TD catch out of the backfield (a wheel route), and a punt return for a TD. Plus an INT on Defense. More on this in a minute. Then, when Sereleje returned the next week against NDCL, agreat week of practice allowed me to lock the down the starting HB position by the end of the year. I ran for a tough, gritty 60+ yds against NDCL in a victory. Great finish to my career. I wish I had stuck with it. One of my greatest regrets in life.

5) My LCHS football career did spawn my greatest pimp moment ever. It was during that mid-October game against Elyria when I was dating that bombshell Jackie Farina. Her birthday happened to fall on the same day (a Thursday) as out game. I was getting the start, and promised her before the game a TD. After I hauled in that 60 yard TD pass, I ran directly to the sideline and told her that was for you. She loved it. But, it was not over. I still had a 50 yard Punt Return TD in me. Immediately after, I ran down the sidelines, ball in hand, handed it to her, and told her “Happy Birthday, baby!” Her friends were shouting with glee, and I could see how embarrassed Jackie was by this embarrassment of riches. But she loved it. Much like football, I screwed that thing up…another regret of mine. But on that day, I was King Shit.


We had great talent in the Class of 2001 (2000 season). To this day, I will always argue that we had more talent on that team than we did on the State Championship team the following 2001 season (Class of 2002). Imagine if the majority of the players had stayed in the program, and put in the full 4 years. It would have been a dominant squad, one with true State Championship aspirations. Just take a look:


Nate Skeegs Kevin Rich McPat Grant Matt
Watson Berry Sullivan Bowers Stopniski Coyne Savelli Matteucci
Jason Sean
Timothy Saari

Josh Pearce/Dave Cvelbar

Justin Scholes

3rd Down Back
Ryan Plungas


McPat Skeegs Nate
Coyne Sullivan Berry

Grant Savelli Justin Scholes Mike Gibbons Josh Pearce

Sean Saari Ryan Plungas
Mike Catania FS Mark Bernot Todd Watson

5th LB would be MIKE TENNYSON (can't depend on hm to start, for obvious legal dependecies).

Good depth at DB. And I didn't even mention Todd Hall, who would be 8th on the Depth chart.

This team was loaded with talent...if we stuck with it, and worked our asses off in the program, we coulda been something special.

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MayorMichaelWhite said...

Plungas I really think you live in a delusional world. You would not have been a third down back in LCHS by the time we were graduating ...and handing the ball to Farina was totally busch league...I mean who the fuck are you? Zack Morris...I agree with you on many things old friend...this is not one of them