Friday, October 26, 2007


by Ryan Plungas

How embarrasing, and unprofessional that last diagram in my post was. I forgot to preview it. I may have single-handedly lost all credibility for this site.

Lets' try this again.

WR Mark Watson/ Jason Timothy/Mike Dodge
WR Matt Matteucci/ Sean Saari/ Steve Eppich

LT Nate Berry
LG Skeegs Sullivan
C Kevin Bowers
RG Rich Stopniski/Dan Williams
RT McPat Coyne

TE Grant Savelli

QB Jeff Brunner

FB Josh Pearce/Dave Cvelbar

HB Justin Scholes/ Ryan Plungas


LE Nate Berry/ Rich Stopniski
NT Skeegs Sullivan
RE McPat Coyne

OLB Grant Savelli
ILB Justin Scholes
ILB Mike Gibbons
OLB Josh Pearce/ Mike Tennyson

CB Sean Saari
CB Ryan Plungas
NCKLE Mike Bernot
DIME Mark Watson

SS Rey Catania
FS Todd Runyon

Todd Hall is still 8th on depth chart.


The Commish said...

TERRIBLE depth chart analysis...except Hall still at 8th on the depth chart. He was one of the few that thought if he stuck it out he would get his day in the spotlight...ugh, tough break.

Youre saying that I would have let a junior start over me? And Sullivan be that person? No way that I would have let a 5'8 Scotty get the nod over me. And you're putting Savelli at TE? Are you serioussssss Mr. Plungas? A 5'11, 165lbs TE? NO WAY...That position could have been mine...I firmly believe that. I would have been a block first TE, but I have the hands to relase and spring open for 7 yards every pop...I should have listened to all those talks between me and Dave Holian.

Here is my chart for the senior class, could have been an undefeated 2001 season and I'd be wearing a ring right now to show it.

QB - Brunner (only by default, coaches had to play him to avoid threats of him leaking recrutiing violations)

TB - Savelli/Pearce/Plungas (wait, didn't Pearce actually play his whole senior year? I feel like he wasnt the starter but emerged in the end of the year to get most of the reps)

FB - Scholes (no explanation needed)

WR - Eppich/Dodge/Budrys
(man, this could have really opened the field up a TON)

TE - McPat / Myself if I got lucky enough for McPat to be academically ineligble...Atleast I could have spelled him ala Steve Heiden for 3 catches a game.

OT - Coan / Barry
OG - Williams / Szorady
C - Gruber / Ricchino

DB - Plungas / Runyon / Bernot
S - Tennyson
LB - Scholes / Savelli / Pearce / Brown (im relying on blood lines here)

WOW, why did this team not stay in tact? Could have been soemthing very special!!

The Commish said...

A few others left off the depth chart that could have made grat contributions:

LB - Brugh (barring injuries, he could have been a force in the middle)

TB/Slot/DB - Kettani (his atleticism could have enabled him to play all over the field)

John Miceli said...

Wow theres someone named "McPat" walking around in Mentor? Wow....

Nick Ricchino said...
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