Thursday, November 8, 2007


Whoaaa Nellie...its that time of the year once again...For all of you who don't know, my birthday was in September and there was only 1 thing on my list...and guess what, I was lucky enough to get it....Lets just say, its safe to say you know what I have been doing on my lunch breaks, after work, and 3 hours a day on the weekends....
After missing last years Main Event, I have bulked up to my ideal playing weight that will enable me to be an anchor at LT and a gap stopper going both ways at DT. Unfortunately, this may prohibit me from flanking out at TE and catching my usual 6 passes for 73 yards and TD that ALWAYS goes quietly unnoticed. I think once I get a hold on the line, I will move over to my natural TE spot and block down and then escape into the flats where my big sticky paws will give me some more touches. I forsee this being an absolute battle. I'm beginning to get to the point where I dread walking up the 12 stairs to my apt. after work and find myself praying that I can snap the button on the Levis every time I put them on. Its safe to say by best days are behind me, but that does not mean my heart is gone. Nothing can take away the passion that a man who has 1 day of of competition a year has when he digs deep into the trenches. Its going to be cold, dark, snowy, wet, and muddy but I can't wait to throw on the '01 LCHS practice jersey, put on my long johns, and go to war....I'M A SOLDIER.